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By Alex Hall
Senior Permanent Recruitment Manager

So last year the old 457 visa was changed to the 482 visa. The 457 visa was a fast affordable way for employers to get highly skilled staff into their business quickly and was cost effective.

In March 2018 the 457 visa was scrapped and a new 482 via was put in place. Basically, it’s the same visa but a lot more expensive for employers and applicants. The price, for applicants (overseas nurses) increased significantly. The new visa also includes more red tape (paperwork) which makes the application much longer winded.

The idea of the new visa and regulations was to encourage employers to employ local staff or give opportunities to their own staff.

Unfortunately, the changes applied to all professionals and in the case of nursing there aren’t many specialist nurses sitting around wondering how to get a job! Nurses know their value and will normally always have a job.

In my opinion, the nursing shortage is going to increase significantly in the next few years.  Our population in Australia is growing so more nurses will be required.

Now hospitals will have to pay in order to bring the nurses over and wait longer to get them due to the more complex recruitment system.  Unfortunately, the cost will eventually find its way back to the patient.  The temporary agency market is now busier than ever and local nurses are able to hold hospitals to ransom with huge hourly rates due to the lack of permanent nursing staff.

Sign saying we are all immigrants


So was scrapping the 457 visa worth it? In my opinion no! The old immigration system worked fine. The skills shortages could be removed and added depending on Australia’s needs.

Australia is a country built on immigration so what’s so wrong about employing hard working internationals? These are the very same skilled internationals who help build businesses and create new jobs for locals. 

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