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Top 5 Nursing Specialties and Why These Matter!

In the over 18 years we have working in the Healthcare Employment Industry, finding jobs for nurses, allied health personnel and management there have been a few trends which have stuck out overtime.

Finding Registered Nurses jobs has always been relatively easy, that is until we get requests for certain specialties, then we always seem to hit somewhat of a brick wall! These specialities have always been hardest to fill with Australian nurses so we are having to then look further afield.

With the recent changes to the work visa and the limitation on visa sponsorship, this has put many hospitals, private hospitals in particular, into a bit of a tight squeeze!

The demand is just as high as ever for nurses with experience in these specialties however, many facilities just cannot find staff!

In my opinion this is going to have a few flow on effects which we will start seeing as time goes by; firstly our smaller regional and rural hospitals will have no option but to close their doors on some departments, secondly the hospitals may opt to incur the increase in visa expense which will then be passed down the line to the patient.

Top 5 Nursing Specialities

However, for our Australian Nurses, New Grads and Nursing Students, this also present you with a great opportunity to set up a career path which will reap increasing financial rewards. In some remote and rural are’as salary packages are going to sky rocket! I anticipate that you will also see a big push from hospitals to train existing staff for management roles rather than rely on outside recruitment sources.

So what are these top specialties that I speak of? First and foremost is the Dual Registered RN/Midwife these are literally as rare as hen’s teeth for a lot of regional hospitals! Secondly we have Theatre Staff, in particular those who specialise in Orthopaedics and are familiar with a wide range of sets. Thirdly are our Anesthetics Nurses closely followed by pretty much anything Cardiac related especially Cath Lab and Coronary Care Nurses. Finally and this may surprise a few of you are our rural Aged Care nurses with management and ACFI experience.

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So now you know, now what? If you are looking to up skill and are currently working at a hospital touch base with your nurse educator or HR department. They can show you what track you need to pursue internally.

If you’re a New Grad or Nursing Student, make it clear to prospective employers where you would like your career path to take you and they will be eager to help as it is a win win for them!

IF you want more information or career advice you can also touch base with one of our career consultants here or visit our Job Seeker Page.

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