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So often in our line of work we hear the common catch cry from nurses; Sydney or Melbourne! I want to live in Sydney or Melbourne! Quite often, this is due to family recommendations, effective tourism marketing or the fact they have completed their bridging course and are familiar with the city.

Unfortunately, as we have explored in previous posts, the changes to the work visa has made it a lot harder for our overseas nurses to find full time employment in most of our major metropolitan cities. It normally takes a few knock backs and a lengthy wait period before the nurse is open to the possibility of a regional or rural location.

However, there is always a silver lining and I’m here to tell you that our Regional and Rural Hospitals are the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! These hospitals historically have always struggled to obtain and retain experienced staff, so in response, have put together packages designed to attract talent to their facility. 

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These packages can include; free travel and accommodation, salary sacrificing, flexible rosters and the opportunity to rotate through different departments to increase experience and training. The added bonus to this, is that the cost of living is a lot lower and the opportunity to buy property a lot more accessible.  Most of these hospitals actually provide a really cohesive and supportive work environment which can be harder to establish in the bigger hospitals. Of course, Regional and Rural Hospitals will offer more points towards your PR application so that is definitely another added bonus.

Funnily enough, over 80% of our registered nurses who opt to take a regional or rural position are still there almost 24 months later. We do have the few that have their heart absolutely set on the big city and will move as soon as the opportunity arises, and that’s ok too. Our goal at the end of the day, is to find our registered nurses and allied health professionals positions that best suit them. It’s no use take a job where you know long term, you’re not going to be happy or your family is not going to be happy.

Most regional and rural towns have really good information and tourism hubs, both walk in and online and will be able to direct you to community groups to support you during your relocation. Of course, in general there is also the perception that smaller towns also tend to be more community minded and pull together in support in their residents.

Hopefully, I have adequately convinced you to at least consider the possibility of a rural or regional placement. These communities are crying out for experienced healthcare staff and your skills and abilities could be the life saving gift they need.

If you’re considering a rural or regional placement for your next position and are not sure where to start, contact one of our job seeker consultants who will be more than happy to guide you through the process!

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