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Woman waiting alone on a chair after an interview

You’ve had your eagerly anticipate interview, answered all the questions to the best of your ability now what?

In a perfect world, where schedules are neat and tidy and everything runs on time you anticipate a call from your consultant the next day advising you of the outcome of the interview, and joy of joys, you were successful!

However, as we all know we don’t live in a perfect world and I am yet to find one neat and tidy schedule that runs exactly on time! So what next? The blunt reality is that now you wait! Your consultant would have touched base with your interviewer the day of the interview but similar to setting up the interview, people get busy and a lot of the time feedback is hard to get!

If there is a delay in your consultant giving you interview feedback this doesn’t mean you were unsuccessful. It means that they are having trouble pinning down the interviewer for whatever reason and are waiting to hear back themselves. Rest assured, your consultant will be doing everything possible to find out the result of the interview because, as we say in this business, time is money.

A list of tips of things to do after your interview

The best thing you can do is push on with your pre-employment paperwork, make sure you have all your documentation collated and ready to go. Don’t leave things such as vaccination history and updates to the last minute. When you know you are going to apply for a position, especially if you are overseas, make sure you have police checks from each county you have worked in.

Follow up with your referees to make sure they are ready to be contacted and scan all your documents into one easy to send PDF document.

The worst thing you can do is leave your documentation to the last minute, then scramble to get everything together only to find that you have to wait a month for your police clearance to come through or that you are missing a titre from your vaccinations! Jobs have been lost due to slow paperwork where another candidate has come along with every ready to go and were able to be processed before your police check had even hit your inbox!

When you do finally receive your interview feedback, if you are successful you can hit the ground running! However, if for some reason you weren’t selected for the position you can always ask for feedback so you can prepare for next time.

I would also ask your consultant for their honest opinion. It could be something such as you having your heart set on a particular city or speciality despite there being a lack of demand in that area. You may also have not had enough recent experience, or your educational qualifications aren’t the correct for the role (think post grad for ICU position in Melbourne etc). Your consultant should have gone over all of this with you, however if you are insistent, they will follow your wishes and hope for the best often hoping that after one unsuccessful interview you will be more open to feedback and suggestions.

Remember to, that even though you have passed your interview there are still further checks and balances to undertake before you have that coveted letter of offer! So be patient, be organised, do your research and most importantly, don’t panic!

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